10 Foolproof Ways To Get More Moving Leads Today (2019)

The life blood of your moving business…the life blood of any business…is sales leads. Without leads you’re out of business.

The moving business is a feast or famine business. A “zero sum” game. From Memorial Day to Labor Day it is a pressure cooker with far more business than most moving companies can handle. In fact, September is getting to be a capacity filled month for many movers too.

But then comes the Fall and business slows down. And, you now need sales leads. The days of over supply have turned into the days of tons of capacity.


  7. YELP
  8. YP.com

What to do?

Here are 10 Foolproof Ways To Get More Sales Leads Today (2019):

    1. GOOGLE LOCAL SERVICES ADS: **NEW** Also known as “Google Guaranteed” ads these ads appear at the top of the Google search engine results page (SERP), and are an instant lead generator with a tracking phone number right to your sales office. You pay by the call. Now available in all Top 25 U.S. markets with more being added weekly.


    1. GOOGLE ADWORDS: Now known as “Google Ads” these text search ads are very effective for movers if the ads are well written and relevant. Google has now created a “responsive text search ad” too which customizes your ad to the searches of your potential customers on-the-fly and automatically through machine learning. It thereby shows the most relevant ad to your potential customer which means less wasted dollars for you.


    1. REPEAT CUSTOMERS: All successful moving and storage companies have tons of past customers who are prime targets for your moving services. Send these prospects an email, direct mail piece or letter on at least a semi-annual basis to keep in touch with them. To do this you will need a database with their names and addresses. Your CRM should have this capability. If not, start right away with a free CRM from a company like Hubspot.


    1. WEBSITE: Is your website optimized to attract and gather sales leads for you on a regular basis? If not, consider hiring an SEO consultant with experience in the moving and storage industry. Now you’ll get leads all the time and they cost you nothing. You can bet the top movers in your city are already doing this.


    1. NETWORKING GROUPS: Join a networking group like BNI. They are in every city in the country and they generally have 30 or more members in each group. SInce they are all category exclusive you will be the only mover and you will be amazed at the leads that you will get from your fellow members. Don’t just join one of them, join as many as you have salespeople. Mine your market for word-of-mouth referrals. It’s a great foot in the door.


    1. HOME ADVISOR: Since they have purchased the website Angie’s List they have established a presence in the moving and storage industry as a source of leads for movers. Speak with your local rep to check out rates and case histories. Many movers feel that displaying their logo badge on their website is advantageous too in getting prospects to submit a Get Quote form.


    1. YELP: Some movers hate them. Some movers swear by them. There is no doubt that Yelp is especially well connected with movers in Los Angeles and much of California. They may or may not be a force in your market. Regardless, they can still be a good source of leads depending on your rating on Yelp. It makes sense to manage your Yelp postings at a minimum.


    1. YP.com: It’s a directory, but because it generally ranks on Page One of Google, it gets clicks, and if you are paying, your listing will be among the first. The Yellow Pages historically has a good reputation,, so prospects are prone to click. At any rate, manage your listing. Make sure your phone number, hours and street address are current and correct.


    1. LEAD AGGREGATORS: You know these guys real well. In the U.S. alone over 20,000 leads are bought daily from these aggregators. They are a source of last resort. If you have no sales, you pay the piper, and they are your major competitors who hog out listing space on Page One of Google and theyby push your website down, or even off Page One. That is their strategy to get their site clicked on instead of yours so they can sell you the lead rather than having your site get it for free. For movers that have no sales strategy they fall prey to the lead aggregators whose leads convert in the measly 3% range. What seems like salvation is actually purgatory.


  1. PUBLIC SERVICE: There are always charities, school districts, churches and community groups who need help in moving their supplies, deliveries, what have you. Your van with its big bright logo just might wind up in a segment on the “6 O’Clock News” displaying your generosity, and that one newscast may give you 100,000 impressions or more. Don’t underestimate what charity can do for you.

This is a good start. Even if you just adopt one or two suggestions, it should greatly benefit your bottom line. Onward and upward!