10 Free Advertising Tips For Moving Companies


Online advertising can be expensive. Instead of breaking the bank, you can utilize a few, useful tips to get free publicity. In the modern age, both social media and word-of-mouth strategies will catapult your business into the public eye if you use them strategically.

Here is a list of awesome free advertisement opportunities for your marketing strategy:


Google is a hot bed for people who need their questions answered. Not only do people want their questions answered, they also want to get an answer from a credited reliable source. I’m guessing that your moving company is the real deal. Writing a blog post that is SEO friendly can bring traffic to your website and get you free leads.

Writing relevant content that keeps people coming back for your input is proven to be a great free strategy. People might not be aware of why things like licensing and insurance are important. Use this opportunity for a blog post topic and show that you’re the expert. The key to getting people to your blog through a search engine depends on how well you do your SEO.

Here’s more on SEO for your moving company.

Optimize Your Website SEO

Your moving company website should be central for multiple marketing goals. Having good writing that explains the value you give to your customer can easily get you some new business. Make sure you have clear calls to action and a spot on your website that clearly lists your contact information.

Try using targeted keywords in your website copy to pinpoint your audience and get them to click on your website in the search engine results. Tighten copy to ensure that it is digestible for a busy reader. Ultimately, your website is the initial primary medium between you and your clients, so create a solid impression once you’ve gotten their attention.

Free Directories

Listing your contact information for your moving business in free directories is a no brainer! Start putting your information on sites like Yelp or Bing sites. Don’t miss out on an easy opportunity like this. People are searching for solutions to their needs every day.

Try setting up listings on directories like Angie’s List and Yellow Pages. Include all relevant contact information with links to your website so potential customers can easily find you. Doing this will improve your SEO and potentially give you great reviews. One of the most valuable things when it comes to marketing is getting a great testimonial. People are going to trust other people before they put their trust in you.

Social Media

free advertising for moving companies on twitter

Social media is an integral part of modern day life, as such, it is a great way to reach a large audience. Building an online presence is a must for any business. Some people are on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more than 5 hours a day.

Staying active and posting relevant content will lead you to more business. An easy way to get people to your website is by posting a video to promote engagement. Social media marketing is a free and simple way to lead generation. Find out more about digital marketing for moving companies.

Charity Events

Charitable events are an easy win for marketing. It helps with your brand image and gives you a ton of exposure. Recently, one of our clients got the opportunity to pick up and drop off donated school supplies to a local school central warehouse in our area. A local news station covered the event and mentioned them on all their newscasts for several days.

Reach out to service organizations to see if they need something moved. You can easily partner up with a local clothing donation organization and deliver clothing in bulk. This would be a great way to raise brand awareness and get great leads for your moving company.

Create Infographics

Infographics for Moving Companies

Infographics are getting increasingly popular. You could create an infographic that answers frequently asked questions about moving. Visuals are important and more appealing versus reading plain text.

After creating these graphics, make sure to insert them into your blogs and post them on your social media accounts. Google some moving company infographics for inspiration.

Facebook Groups

Posting to your Facebook feed is one thing, but tapping into the potential of groups can be powerful. Try joining groups that are relevant to moving and post your content. Direct advertising may get you kicked out of some Facebook groups, but posting your blog post and infographics can lead people to your website for possible business.

Don’t just post content in groups. It’s important to also stay active. By commenting and engaging with the group, you can become a top contributor and can increase your brand awareness. When people need moving services going forward, they will have you in mind when deciding to get help.

Networking Events

Seek local networking and meet up events in your area. Bring business cards and talk to other business owners. This could lead you to new business. These meet ups might not bring you an immediate return, but if you start building relationships they will pay off.

Try to collaborate with other small businesses to expand each other’s audiences. Partner up with them to put on your own event, or discuss running a dual promotion with them. Building relationships offers an opportunity to get valid referrals and could lead to sales leads.

Free Stuff

While you might have to spend some money with this one, the opportunity for free advertising is too good to pass up. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Doing this will make everyone your personal brand ambassador. Try giving out everyday things with your brand name on it, such a t-shirts or useful office equipment. That’s free promotion daily if you give out the right things.

Word of Mouth

Market with Word of Mouth Strategy

Lastly, but certainly not least, is word of mouth. Wherever you are, causally strike up a conversation. Word can spread faster than anything, and when you meet the right people, great things can happen.

Try encouraging your employees to spread the word about how valuable your business can be to someone looking to move. To make things more interesting, give them incentive to spread good word of mouth. Maybe give them an opportunity for a paid day off or free lunch to have them try harder.

We’re sure that you have more great ideas for free advertising, so please leave them in the comments below for others to see and read. If you are interested in gaining more momentum for your company website, check out this useful guide on getting moving leads.