10 Important FAQs About Buying Sales Leads

Purchasing sales leads from third-party aggregators is a sign that your moving company is in sales trouble. We can honestly say this because we have worked with dozens of moving companies since 2010, huge and small, and we know moving companies’ sales and marketing processes inside and out. The only exception is a brand-new mover just opening their doors.

Buying Sales Leads: FAQs

  • WHERE CAN I BUY SALES LEADS?  There are many companies that sell sales leads for movers. Just Google “buy moving leads” and you’ll find multiple sales leads aggregators who specialize in selling moving leads.
  • WHERE DO SALES LEADS THAT I PURCHASE COME FROM?  They come from Google searches.  Sales Lead Aggregation companies are competing with moving companies to be on Page One of Google, so you are in effect paying them to compete with you for leads.  Since their sites often get more clicks than yours they will be in front of you for page rank often pushing private moving companies like yours off page one altogether.
  • WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A PURCHASED SALES LEAD?  Some aggregators will sell you exclusive sales leads for a higher price, but most do not.  Their “Terms and Conditions” will note that the lead you bought has been sold to up to three of more other movers, so you will need to compete with them too.
  • WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I EXHAUST MY PURCHASED LEADS?  You will need to get in contact with the aggregator and buy more.  As long as you have no other way of getting leads, you are at their mercy.
  • IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO PURCHASING MOVING SALES LEADS?  Yes.  Developing a website that can gather the customer’s information on a Get Quote form and email it to you.
  • I HAVE A “GET QUOTE” FORM ON MY WEBSITE AND I AM NOT GETTING ANY/ENOUGH LEADS.  WHAT’S WRONG?  There are a variety of factors that can be preventing you from getting prospective customer leads.  You should ask your webmaster or the consultants working on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) what is wrong with the site or perform a Google search on “SEO Companies for Movers” and find a company that you can trust and that can help you get going with getting sales leads online.
  • IF I NEED SALES LEADS NOW, WHY SHOULD I BOTHER WITH DEVELOPING THEM ON MY WEBSITE?  Buying sales leads is merely transactional business.  You are paying someone else to do something you can do for free and make an investment in the future of your company.  Once you get your website optimized so that it is capturing sales leads from the Web (by ranking as high or higher in search engine results as the company you are buying leads from), your website will get you the leads you need, and they’ll go right into your email inbox.
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET SALES LEADS FROM MY WEBSITE?  This question cannot be answered by me or anybody with any precision, but it can be estimated depending on the competition by other movers and sales lead aggregators in your local search.  Lots of competition:  4–8 months.  Low competition:  1-5 months.  Your site may bring in sales leads for some keyword phrases in a week or so, for others it may take years, if ever.  That’s rare, but it can happen.
  • SO, SHOULD I BUILD A WEBSITE TO DEVELOP MY OWN LEADS?  Absolutely!  That way you are in control.  You are not dependent on a third-party.
  • DOES A PURCHASED SALES LEAD HAVE AS HIGH A CLOSING RATIO AS A LEAD DEVELOPED ON A WEBSITE?  No.  At least that’s why we hear client after client.  However, as they say on TV: “results may vary.”

We have written many more articles on this topic and getting sales for moving companies in general.  Please consult our other blogs for much more information.   Onward and upward!


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