10 Incredibly Helpful Tips on Marketing for Moving Companies

Tired of shelling out money to buy leads? Properly marketing your moving company means you will never have to again.

You can get your brand in front of potential customers through a variety of means and turn them into leads with the right marketing.

We have been marketing in the moving industry for over a decade. We’ve learned a lot in that time. Using that experience we’ve put together this lit of the top tips on marketing for moving companies:

1. Anticipate Seasonality and Dominate the Off-Season

We’ve seen from all of our clients that there is a clear difference between the summer and winter. You can see just how the numbers look in our SEO Case Study.

In an industry with such a difference between the time of year, you have to understand how to play that to your advantage.

Some people say that targeting the on-season is a great way to carve out the biggest slice of the industry as possible when there are the most customers. But the reality is that you only have so many trucks and so much crew. It’s more effective to set yourself up to dominate the off-season and keep yourself busy all year round.

2. Utilize PPC Marketing on Top of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is key to growing your website by optimizing your site to appear highly for keywords on search engines such as Google. This is an incredibly effective way to naturally grow your site.

However, SEO takes time to grow. In the meantime, you can utilize PPC marketing, such as Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords. Google Ads is a way to appear right at the top of Google’s first page. The downfall is that this costs money, which ranges in cost depending on the keyword(s) you target.

A great plan is a mix of the two. This is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and is a great choice for a moving company to get leads efficiently.

3. Stress Licenses and Insurance

When people look for a moving company, one of the biggest aspects they’re looking for is whether or not they can feel safe and trust you with their move.

You have to position your moving company in a way that shows that you are trustworthy.

A great way of doing this is by showing off your licenses and insurance. There’s a lot of ways to do this on your moving website.

For licenses, you should include them in your footer so that they appear on every page. Be sure to include the license number so these can be verified.

Include both licenses and insurances in the body copy of your website as well as the metadata. We suggest using terms like “Fully Licensed” and “Fully Insured”.

Finally, point them to the Federal Mover’s Database from the U.S. Department of Transportation. This gives a ton of information about your moving company, including insurance info. Be sure to give readers your USDOT number so they can look you up easily.

4. The Secret of “Specialty Moves”

A common marketing mistake is to go with the biggest target. Trying to push broad topics like “Local Movers” and “Long-Distance Movers” means you’ll face a lot of competition.

It is worth it to work towards getting big targets, but it helps to get an audience and begin generating leads by marketing more niche, “specialty moves”.

Some examples of these moves include:

  • Antique Moving
  • Piano Moving
  • Gun-Safe Moving
  • Estate Cleanout
  • School Moving
  • Library Moving

There is much less competition for specific moving services like these. That’s what makes these a great way of carving out a piece of the market.

5. Compare Yourself to D.I.Y. Moves Too

Your first thought when marketing for your moving company may be to target other local moving companies or even big franchises. While this is useful, and ultimately a large aspect of marketing for moving companies, you don’t want to miss out on targeting people who are looking at D.I.Y. moves.

Most people that move, roughly two-thirds according to MoveBuddha, move without professional moving assistance.

Now, it’s fair to say that many of those people are not in a position to use professional moving companies. However, there is a good amount that would consider using a moving company given the right pitch.

Ignoring people looking for D.I.Y. moves means missing out on potential clients.

6. Actively Respond to Reviews

Reviews are key for moving companies. As people do research about who best fits their moving needs, they look at how many reviews you have, how good your average review is, and how you handle reviews.

That means responding to both positive and negative reviews. This shows potential clients that you truly care about how your customers feel.

7. Be Engaging on Social Media

Social media may not be the first place people go when they look for moving companies, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

In fact, social media is a great tool for moving companies to show that they are active, trustworthy, and provide the right moving services.

Many people will, when considering a moving company, look them up on social media to see what they have to say. A social post can mean more than a page to a potential client because a potential client can see the date of a social post and can tell if it is up-to-date or out-of-date.

8. Affiliations, Accreditations, and Certifications

This goes right back to establishing trust for potential customers. Make sure any affiliations, accreditations, and certifications are up-to-date and clearly displayed on your website, as well as mentioned in your body copy.

Some common ones that you will find are:

  • Van Line Affiliation
  • BBB Accreditation
  • ProMover Certification from the American Trucking Association: Moving & Storage Conference

By showing these you are showing reasons to believe that you are legitimate. There are too many moving scams and moving brokers that pretend to look authentic, but these will help you stick out.

9. Help Your Community

A study by Markstein found that 70% of people want to know what the companies that they use are doing to help their community and social issues. They also found that 46% pay “close attention” to how a business handles social work.

That’s a lot of people.

A great way to show that you care is by helping your community through programs like Move for Hunger.

Partnering with a nonprofit is a great way to help people see your moving company in a positive light. Of course, it comes with the added benefit of helping those in need.

10. Consider Professional Agency Help

As you can tell from these tips alone, marketing for moving companies is incredibly complex. You may not be able to handle it on top of running a moving company, but you don’t have to!

Instead, look to getting a full-service, one-stop-shop marketing agency dedicated towards moving companies.

If you find the right agency they will handle search engine optimization, web design, PPC marketing, social media, and more!

Final Thoughts

The main goal of marketing for moving companies is to properly differentiate yourself from your competition. There are a lot of moving companies out there and some of them already have a piece of the market carved out. You have to show why you can be the best moving company for them.

With these tips and help from professionals, you will be well on your way to generating leads and taking your moving company to the next level.