Stop obsessing about the cost of individual sales leads.  That’s old-school thinking about how you analyzed your results when you were buying leads.  But buying leads doesn’t work anymore due to the ultra-low conversion rate, so now it’s time to think like a marketer.  What does that mean?

  • LOOK AT BIG PICTURE:  All of your marketing dollars should WORK TOGETHER to get you more sales leads.  
  • COUNTING LEADS:  It’s still relevant to track leads the best you can, but they all can’t simply be tracked, and it’s those untrackable leads that we’re talking about here.  They can add up.
  • ADVERTISING WORKS:  Google Ads.  Angi.  Home Advisor. Yelp. Post Cards.  They all have their place, and they all contribute to your overall Marketing effort…and they should all be tracked…but they also contribute to your overall BRAND PRESENCE, which leads to unsolicited phone calls from potential customers who were influenced by a variety of your marketing efforts.
  • THE SURPRISES:  The form or call that came in that you didn’t solicit.  The ones that found you through a variety of your efforts.  They need to be factored into your Marketing equation.
  • FORGET THE “ONESY-TWOSEYS”:  That’s old-school thinking and will hold you back.  Think about how your SEO, advertising, crew attire, truck wrapping, signage, and Unreasonable Hospitality contribute to your sales success.

After all the research we’ve done, we see that at 8% of gross income.  That’s $80,000 per million of sales.  If you’re not already there, put that into your 2024 budget.  You’ll thank us for it!

Onward and upward!

For more information: https://marketersformovers.com/blog/maximize-leads-with-new-google-adwords-features/