We hear it from every client coast to coast. No part of the country has been spared. All of you are turning away business due to lack of help.  

So, what is working today?

Selling Moving Leads
  1.  JOB SITES: No. They are flooded with Help Wanted ads.
  2. FACEBOOK LEAD GEN: No. Few leads anymore. We’ve tried it in several markets.
  3. JOB FAIRS: No. People are just not showing up.
  4. EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES: YES! But you have to be in their face and showy. That means:
    1. Show up at a staff meeting.
    2. Go to the bank first and get 10 $100 bills, nice and crisp.
    3. Wave them around.  Put them on the table for all to see.
    4. Set up your parameters.  ($100 to current employee and $100 to new hire on day one, day 30, day 60, day 90.  Whatever works for you.)
    5. Don’t be stingy.  

We have clients who are seeing success with this and I wanted to pass it along. Onward and upward!

For more information: https://marketersformovers.com/blog/seo-guide-for-moving-companies/