AdWords Revenue Per Click Down 23%


GOOGLE REPORTED TODAY PPC REVENUE DECLINED 23% LAST QUARTER. The decrease occurred mainly in Mobile AdWords advertising and AdWords ads that ran on Google’s YouTube. Can your moving company profit from Google’s PPC decline on Mobile? It is not clear if the decline is attributable to lower CPC or due to the payments to partners on websites where the AdWords ads appear, but we would definitely recommend lowering your bids for Mobile to see.

You can first check on whether your Mobile ads’ CPC is already lower than your Desktop ads’ CPC by clicking on Segment and then Devices. To further lower your CPC on Mobile as well as Tablet: Click on Settings. Scroll down to Devices. Click on “Change Devices Bid Adjustment.” Check the box by Mobile and decrease your bid by 20%. Do the same for Tablet. Watch the results for the next few days to make sure that you’re still getting plenty of impressions. If so, decrease it again. This is “trial and error,” but you should get more clicks for the same amount of money. Here’s to more leads for your moving company!

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