When we first started our sales consulting for moving companies, I couldn’t believe how many movers were “buying leads”. In fact, based on our discussions with hundreds of you, we believe more than 30,000 leads were being sold a day. That was back in 2010, but the purchasing of leads still continues to this day.  So, the question is:

Are you a “Farmer”?  Farmer characteristics:

  • NO SALES DEPARTMENT:  When you buy leads, you are effectively outsourcing your sales department.  With no sales department, you are not in charge.
  • LOW CONVERSION RATE:  Movers tell us that purchased leads have a low conversion rate of under 3%. 
  • COMPETE FOR GOOGLE RANKINGS AND ADS:  When you add them to the directories and moving brokers, private moving companies often don’t even get listed on Page One of Google.

Be a “Hunter”!  Hunter characteristics:

  • ACTIVE WITH REALTORS: Get out there and meet top Realtors in your area. They are top referrers of business.
  • ACTIVE WITH NASAMM: Senior Move Managers need your help in moving their clients. Make sure they know your moving company.
  • ACTIVE WITH SENIOR LIVING CENTERS:  Do the executive directors know your moving company?  Do they have your business card?
  • ASSOCIATIONS:  Are you a member of ATA, your state moving association, or your local chambers of commerce?
  • SOCIAL AND BUSINESS GROUPS:  How about Rotary or BNI, and similar groups?  Get to know people who know you and your moving company.
  • BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU:  Just being a member adds to your ability to close prospects.
  • SPONSORSHIPS:  Several of our clients sponsor sports teams.  It’s a great tie-in that many prospects value and identify with.
  • ADVERTISING:  Especially the new AI-infused Google AdWords or Google phone leads.

Are you going to wait for sales to come to you, or are you going to go out and hunt them down?  Onward & upward!