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Movers—Answer Your Phones!

Are “Auto Attendants” Costing You Sales? I make a lot of phone calls to movers just like you, and one of the most frustrating aspects of the call is listening to a long list of names and departments. I’m...
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AdWords Revenue Per Click Down 23%

  GOOGLE REPORTED TODAY PPC REVENUE DECLINED 23% LAST QUARTER. The decrease occurred mainly in Mobile AdWords advertising and AdWords ads that ran on Google’s YouTube. Can your moving company profit from Google’s PPC decline on Mobile? It is...
Moving Industry Updates

Self-Storage Saturated

SELF-STORAGE INDUSTRY BOOM SLOWS. This according to today’s WSJ in an article by Esther Fung. Expanded to 8% of Americans self-storing. Up from 3% in 1980s. Industry shifting from “growth” toward “maturity.” Advancing tech is making some goods smaller...
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Marketing Ideas For Moving Companies

  The moving business is in a difficult industry to advertise by any marketing standards.  We’re probably not telling you anything new.  You live it.  You own it.  But the industry that your business falls in will dictate how...
Moving Lead Generation

Loyalty Matters No Matter How Big You Are

In Friday’s WSJ, it was written that Macy’s had recently disclosed that: “9% of its customers account for 46% of the store’s sales.” That seems incredible to us, but there it is. Just think of it, someone as large...
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