What are you doing to tell Google that your site has “authority” and should be ranked on Page One? Google needs to know that your site is authoritative and they can show it with confidence believing that their customers will find it useful in their search?

We often forget that Google is a business too. They want to maintain their dominant position and to do that they must please their customers. They can’t ever rest as new competitors…in addition to Bing…like DuckDuckGo and are appearing more and more. Here are a few of our most valuable tips to achieve authority with Google:

  1. GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER:  This is the worldwide standard with about 60% of all users. Make sure that you are looking at your website using Chrome. You will catch simple errors this way, e.g. is your SSL up to date?
  2. E.A.T. GUIDELINES:  You must follow to gain authority with Google.
  3. GOOGLE PAGE EXPERIENCE GUIDELINES:  Formerly called “Core Web Vitals”, these will help you determine how much favor Google will show your website design.  Don’t be too concerned about the results in “orange”. Do be concerned about those in “red”.
  4. HOSTING:  Don’t go cheap here. Your site needs a fast server to be competitive with other movers’ websites. We recommend you use a dedicated server always. 
  5. PAGE BUILDERS AND PLUGINS:  These can kill an otherwise beautiful-looking website. These quick-fix tools that many novice web designers use oftentimes harm the site in trying to achieve authority.

We know that we were technical here. Don’t like to talk shop but you need to know the facts…unvarnished. That’s what we owe you in every newsletter. Onward and Upward!

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