We’re hearing it from all parts of the country: Business has slowed down. What’s going on and what should you do?

The pandemic is still influencing our business today even though the lockdown began about March 16, 2020. The effects were unpredictable and yet profound. Even though much of the hysteria has passed, we’re all still being impacted in unpredictable ways.

For the past two years there has been a “gold rush” of sorts for moving companies as Americans readjusted to their new lives: masks, quarantining and working from home…among others. The masks and quarantining have gone for the most part…the working from home has not.

So where are we now?

  1. Many Americans have moved, and some still are. 
  2. Major cities have emptied out. Over 300,000 have left NYC alone.
  3. Moving companies were deemed an “essential business” and profits have soared.
  4. Movers that were even “third tier” considerations were busy as movers on pages 1, 2 and 3 of Google were booked, and they got moves in numbers they had never seen before.
  5. There are few homes for sale anywhere in the USA, and those that do get listed are sold “overnight”.
  6. Fewer home sales means fewer moves.  Fewer moves means fierce competition.
  7. Now only those of you who have paid attention to their marketing will prevail. The low-hanging fruit has been picked.

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Onward and Upward!