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Our office is fully staffed and ready to work on your sales needs during the National Emergency. Call us 9-5 M-F EDT to discuss your needs so you are well positioned now and for the inevitable pent-up demand as these isolation measures are removed.

(248) 385-5912
(248) 385-5912

Secret Tip for Google Ranking: Trademark Registration for Movers

GOOGLE ALGORITHMS GIVE “BRANDS” AUTHORITY. AUTHORITY PROVIDES BETTER PAGE RANK. Our studies at indicate a heavy weighting by Google for Brands. Nowhere is it recommended by Google that you create a registered trademark of your business name, but sites with registered trademarks seem to outrank others. We believe it’s worth the time and money […]

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Movers—Answer Your Phones!

phone call with movers

Are “Auto Attendants” Costing You Sales? I make a lot of phone calls to movers just like you, and one of the most frustrating aspects of the call is listening to a long list of names and departments. I’m just wondering if the savings of NOT having a human answering your phone isn’t negating all […]

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AdWords Revenue Per Click Down 23%

GOOGLE REPORTED TODAY PPC REVENUE DECLINED 23% LAST QUARTER. The decrease occurred mainly in Mobile AdWords advertising and AdWords ads that ran on Google’s YouTube. Can your moving company profit from Google’s PPC decline on Mobile? It is not clear if the decline is attributable to lower CPC or due to the payments to partners […]

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Self-Storage Saturated

SELF-STORAGE INDUSTRY BOOM SLOWS. This according to today’s WSJ in an article by Esther Fung. Expanded to 8% of Americans self-storing. Up from 3% in 1980s. Industry shifting from “growth” toward “maturity.” Advancing tech is making some goods smaller and replacing others according to Green Street Advisors research. If you are in Self-Storage here’s a […]

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10 Proven Strategies for Moving Companies to Get Website Sales Leads

We all know that sales leads are the lifeblood of any moving company.  Movers need leads to get appointments to generate quotes which hopefully can be converted into sales and monthly revenue.  As the industry has grown, movers have proliferated.  In a market like Los Angeles there are literally hundreds of movers.  How can you […]

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Marketing Ideas For Moving Companies

The moving business is in a difficult industry to advertise by any marketing standards.  We’re probably not telling you anything new.  You live it.  You own it.  But the industry that your business falls in will dictate how you market efficiently and effectively.  When you are in a “narrow based” business from a marketing standpoint, […]

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Ad Agencies Specializing in Moving & Storage Industry

If you are familiar at all with the Automotive Industry, you already know that all of the manufacturers are heavily involved in the websites of their dealers.  Why?  For many reasons, and they are just as important for the Moving and Storage Industry, too.  For example: Sites that are Created by Industry Specialists Perform Better. […]

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10 Proven Strategies to get sales leads
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