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ANSWER: To get his ranking up!   How about you? How about your site? As we head into the off season, how are you going to get sales leads to keep your business running strong?   Buy moving leads? (Pretty much now converting at only 3%.)  Buy AdWords? (Can work well if written aggressively. Still […]

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No Harm. No Help.

QUESTION: Does stock photography hurt your page rank? No.   Since the goal of your SEO strategy should be to get your website to Positions 1-5 on Google for as many keyword searches as possible, it is important to know that your site’s images are extremely important. While Google’s John Mueller is quoted as saying […]

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moving leads from google

  All the answers to your website’s performance are in the data from Google Analytics (GA). Make sure it’s installed on your site. It’s free. Be sure to review it at least monthly and check for these important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):   CONTENT. If your content does not match “user intent” your site will […]

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Zero-Sum Game

If you think that competition is greater than it ever has been, you are correct.  If you think sales revenue is harder to come by, you are correct.  Here’s why:   OUR “ZERO-SUM” ANALYSIS AND PROPOSITION: The Moving Industry is essentially unique in marketing because it is an industry that can be described as a […]

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Google Homepage

Google made a “core” update beginning May 4th. Google rarely discusses what they have done, and they did not here. What we can tell you based on SEO research: E.A.T.: You have seen us write about this before: Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. This is your starting point with Google rankings. Some feel this update may have […]

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How you respond to death and destruction is what’s important. Nobody wanted this, but here we are. It’s how you respond that is key, and here are some timely suggestions: SUMMER MOVING SEASON: It’s here. If your sales team is not capitalizing on this, they should be. We know of no districts going back this […]

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google guarantee sign up

Enjoy 35%–50% off rates compared to before virus breakout. This is according to top media agencies and confirmed by Facebook VPs. What does this mean for your moving company’s sales? In brief: GUTS: It takes guts to advertise in an economic downturn, however, the benefits are rewarding from leading research. NO BIG INVESTMENT: Because you […]

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How To Outsource Your Sales Department

Colored sales funnel

SOUNDS RISKY AND YET MOST MOVING COMPANIES DO IT. They have no lead generation system in place to grow their business. They rely mainly on outsiders. Here’s how the outsourcing is done, and why it’s self-destructive: Peak earning moving companies are in control of their own sales future. If you can’t develop your own business […]

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Got Your September Moving Leads?

stack of moving boxes

YIPEE! IT’S MAY, AND THE SUMMER MOVING SEASON IS UPON US! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. You’ve got more business than you can handle. Why? Is it because you’re well-established and busy year-round? You’ve got a recognized brand name? You have a well-trafficked website that is generating lots of leads? OR…is it because all the […]

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Tiger Woods’ Lessons for Movers

BIG COME-BACK LAST WEEKEND FOR TIGER. BUT WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM HIS WIN TO BOOST YOUR SALES? PERSEVERANCE: Formulate a multi-year “lead generation plan”. FAITH: Recognize that it does take some months to begin to pay off. CONCENTRATION: Don’t worry about the bigger players in your market and stick to your plan. IGNORE THE […]

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New Artificial Intelligence Comes To AdWords

Google AdWords

GOOGLE ADDS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO GET YOU BETTER RESULTS. Moving companies can test more headlines and ad descriptions, letting Google’s computers decide what to display. Maybe this will reduce costs. Here’s how: Write up to 15 different headlines Write up to 4 different ad descriptions of 90 characters each. Use “pins” to tell the computer […]

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