Podcast: 3 Questions You Need to Ask ANY Web Designer Before Hiring!

Do you know the three most important questions to ask a web design company before you hire them? Don’t worry! In this episode, we will go over the key info you nee to vet quality moving company web designers. We’ll tell you why website design for moving companies isn’t necessarily all about aesthetics or technical […]

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How Do I Get More Business? Growing Your Moving Company Online

You’re wondering how to grow your business and increase sales. The truth of the matter is, 94% of people search the internet before they buy. It’s a fact you can’t escape. Growing your business online is, now more than ever, a determining factor of whether your business thrives or not. Generating sales leads takes time, […]

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How Local Search SEO Will Get Sales Leads for Your Moving Company

A moving company’s lifeblood is its sales leads. Pieces of data that when given to a salesperson may result in an appointment that then may result in a sale. Without sales, there is no revenue. Without revenue, there is no moving company. Sales Leads are ground zero in building a successful moving company. How Local […]

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10 Proven Strategies for Moving Companies to Get Website Sales Leads

We all know that sales leads are the lifeblood of any moving company.  Movers need leads to get appointments to generate quotes which hopefully can be converted into sales and monthly revenue.  As the industry has grown, movers have proliferated.  In a market like Los Angeles there are literally hundreds of movers.  How can you […]

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How to Get Long Distance Moving Leads for Your Website

Get Long Distance Moving Leads on Your Website The lifeblood of any business is sales. In order to get sales you need to have customers. Where do the potential customers come from? They come from leads for “in home” appointments, because we know that generally tariffs prohibit any quote across state lines from not being […]

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Best SEO Strategies For Moving Companies

We believe that movers face special needs on their websites that require in-depth expertise and focus. Without a dedicated team of professionals who understand the Moving & Storage business, moving companies are paying to train unknowledgeable web agency personnel about their business on their dime. Marketers For Movers was created by seasoned professionals to alleviate […]

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Why Does A Moving Company Need A Website?

Sales and revenue. That’s it… simply to stay alive. How do I know? We’ve been building websites for movers for over seven years. That qualifies us as experts in building moving and storage websites. That’s important because knowing how people are going to move think, helps us build a site that works better. Better in […]

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10 Proven Strategies to get sales leads
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