When you manage as many moving company websites as we do you can draw parallels that others can’t.  Nowhere in Google Tweets or Forums will you learn this, but we see the page rankings.  We know it’s true.




  1. GOOGLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS:  These are the ones that make a difference.  Curated reviews that we see on many movers’ sites are not the same.
  2. TRUSTWORTHINESS:  This is what your prospect is looking for.  “She is not stupid.  She’s your wife” to quote famous ad man, David Oligvy.
  3. “CURATED” REVIEWS:  These are where you copy a review and put it on your site with the person’s name, or initials.  Not helpful.
  4. YELP AND BBB REVIEWS:  A start but not Google.  Google requires a user profile.  These other sites may or may not.
  5. REVIEWS ON HOMEPAGE:  Show her the review right away.  That is one of the most important elements on your Front Page.  Lead with it.
  6. AUTOMATE YOUR GOOGLE REVIEWS: There is a plugin to do this.  This keeps the most current 3 or 4 right on the Front Page.
  7. OLD REVIEWS WILL KILL A SALE. If your most current review on Google My Business is over a month old, she’ll probably go onto the next mover on Google.


We’ve just given you some pure gold.  It’s your move now!  Onward and upward!


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