Can Your Content Marketing Bring Free Sales Leads?

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine online today, that no one’s really keeping up with the Kardashians anymore and that Paris Hilton is making a comeback? Do you remember sitting down to read a content marketing piece recently, and before you even look at the posting date they’ve already made a Kardashians reference (or maybe they mentioned blogging as a cutting-edge tool)?

There’s nothing that will slash your content marketing shelf life faster than a dated reference, but, if you’re not in on the ground floor of today’s latest trends, your content might come across as dated or irrelevant, making it nearly impossible for it to generate leads the way you want. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can dance the fine line between cultural immediacy and timeless relevance through your company’s online content marketing.

Trendy Content Marketing Gets Explosive Sales Leads

If your moving company’s content marketing can cash in on the landslide that comes along with trending topics, you’ll reap the full benefits of increased search volume. This means more site traffic, more business inquiries and more free sales leads! But, didn’t I just explain that trying to keep up with fleeting trends can be the fastest way to kill your blog post’s lifespan? Well, there’s more to the story.

When your content marketing hits on topics that are trending online, they can cause your web traffic to explode by 300% or more. So, writing and producing content that hits at the heart of our culture has very real benefits for your visibility online. And when your content is more visible, it can generate leads in a real way. We highly suggest you keep an eye on Google Trends and Reddit (Front Page of the Internet), because the results speak for themselves, but make sure you don’t spend too much of your resources chasing fleeting trends. It’s more sustainable to combine topic-chasing with creating deeply relevant content to increase your content’s longevity.

Relevant Content Keeps Bringing Sales Leads

When content marketing for relevance and longevity, you’re seeking to resonate with viewers over the course of weeks and months and continue to help them solve problems, building confidence in your brand for a long time after posting. Follow these tips to make sure you’re making the right content for your audience:


  • Solve specific problems for your audience:



As a mover, make sure you produce content that speaks to the issues of your specific clientele. Are you in Daytona, Florida? Then talk about big family moves or your storage services for clients downsizing into retirement. If you’re marketing to a millennial clientele in Seattle, Washington, show how much experience your company has moving furniture up flights of stairs and doing apartment moves.


  • Give tips:



Be the website where prospects turn for learning about moving or even how to choose a moving company, providing a wealth of knowledge that only you can give. If your blog and social channels are a resource for prospects, they’ll never stop generating free sales leads for you.


  • Use web video:



Videos have longer staying power for a few very important reasons. The landscape of online media consumption is changing. Read: fewer people are reading articles online. Video already accounts for more than 70% of all online media consumed today. Second, viewers pay more attention to marketing videos. When they don’t have to scroll down the page, they’re more likely to pay attention, and therefore more likely to remember you and become a customer. Lastly, video is entertaining. Viewers pay attention to videos. While many readers won’t read your entire 800-word blog post, almost 70% of viewers will pay attention to the entirety of a 90 second video.

Walk the Line – Free Sales Leads Come from Relevant Content

So, here’s the bottom line: balance trend-chasing with creating content marketing that lasts. If you can do this, you can harness the traffic explosion you’ll get from your on-trend posts. But, if you don’t have the useful, meat-and-potatoes posts that keep viewers coming back to your website, then no amount of page views in the world will translate to sales for your company! Leave a comment below with your story about how content can generate leads and continue to be relevant for prospects.