Few Google Users Search Beyond Page One

People are lazy. They want what they want. They are usually going to take the first sites presented to them. Now, this research from Quora.com shows that few visitors search beyond Page One of Google. With the fierce competition for moving customers, this is a major problem. Only, it gets worse:

  • We start with 91% never going beyond Page One of Google.
  • Then, we narrow the visitors’ search even more because research shows that 87% of all Organic searches are on the first five sites.
  • Add to that, research that shows about 80% of all clicks on the AdWords ads are on the top 3 or 4 at the top of the page.

What does this mean for your moving company website? It means if you want traffic to your website to get leads for in-home appointments, one of its pages needs to appear on Page One of Google. If not, then you need to buy your way onto Page One by using Google AdWords. Since 94% of all Americans consult a search engine before buying, it only makes sense to be where people are looking when they are planning their move.

Source: Chitika.com, Receptional.com, Quora.com