How to Find the Best Moving Leads Provider


Having moving leads is essential to the success of any moving and storage company. Moving and Storage is a $18 billion a year industry and plenty of people and businesses use moving companies. But the biggest challenge is getting them!

Competition is everywhere and growing. To keep up, moving companies have resorted to hiring lead providers that can get them the quality moving leads they need.

Moving companies have been hiring providers and have had great success. So that leaves the questions, “how do you find the best moving leads provider?”

Well it might be a surprise, but the best leads providers are SEO and advertising agencies. Let us explain.

Looking for a Leads Provider

When looking for a moving leads provider you want someone that offers an on-going reliable service, that has an interest in your business’ continuous growth. You want a company that can market your business and generate you free moving leads.

You need a moving leads provider that specializes in SEO and web development.

SEO and advertising agencies share a common goal to convey your message that will in the end result in moving leads. The good news is that there are SEO and advertising agencies available that specialize in the Moving and Storage Industry.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “How does this tie into getting me more sales leads?”

Well an SEO agency’s goal is to bring customers to your site. This is done by optimizing and designing your website, so that it appears on multiple digital platforms like Google and Facebook. Your website becomes your leads provider. Having an optimized website puts your moving company in front of potential customers. They are in the market to buy.

The more visible your website is to consumers; the more sales leads you will generate…for free!

So, find a SEO company that can be your leads provider. You want an agency that can create and optimize a website for your business. Check out our blog on the three vital questions to ask any web design company to learn more on what a web company should do for you.

Why Buying Moving Leads is Not the Answer!

When you buy moving leads, you’re only thinking about the present and not the future of your company. There are a handful of reasons why you should stay away from this, mainly because it is merely transactional business.

When you resort to relying on purchased moving leads you are only focusing on your business in the short-term.

Sure, you know how much you’re spending and will receive leads immediately. However, just like you, the leads provider you bought from is a business as well. Every lead they sell to you will also be sold to another two or three moving compies. Not to mention that the close rate for bought sales leads is only about 12%.

When searching for a leads provider, find a company that not only can get you free moving leads but has an interest in helping your business succeed in the long-run.

SEO agencies specifically focus on the continuous growth of your business. Through link building, social media and monitoring your conversion rate, SEO agencies can show you positive results. They have the tools to drive customers to your website. They are the investment you need to get more leads.

There are several SEO agencies that can be your moving lead provider. But are they all reliable? Too often have business’s been scammed by providers who offer a miracle service that promises successful moving leads. A good lead provider will see you as more than just a money source. Below are some ways to see if the provider you are considering is reliable.

  • Positive Reviews: This a simple way for you to see what other customers have experienced with a certain provider. Reviews can be found on Google, Yelp and other company review websites. Obviously, you are looking for positive experiences so stay wary of SEO agencies that have multiple negative reviews.
  • Years in Business: Go with the provider that has been around for some time. If a company does not advertise how long they have been in business, it means they don’t have deep experience in the work they do.
  • Make a Call: A sure fire way to see if a provider is reliable is by giving them a call. Reliable moving leads providers will have someone on staff who is willing to talk with you about their services and your goals for your business.

Choosing the Best Moving Company Leads Provider

  • Experience:The experience of your provider is what will determine whether they are a fit for you. You should be looking at the fields they have had success in. More specifically, the Moving and Storage Industry.
  • Clientele and Portfolio: Look at the provider’s list of clients. As a mover you want someone who has been successful in your industry. If a provider has done work for multiple Moving & Storage companies than they most likely have the expertise that will help you gain moving leads for you.
  • Services Provided: Look at the provider’s services. A provider’s service should have emphasis on improving your business as you grow. Providers that offer digital marketing, SEO optimization and other forms of advertising will be the best solution for long-term moving lead generation.

There is no company out there that will be able to ensure you success solely on buying moving leads. Extend your search to a provider who does more. Look for a provider that offers SEO services. SEO companies offer a successful way for reaching more customers. SEO agencies will bring in organic traffic to your site and will facilitate free moving leads each month for your moving company.

Your goal is to generate high quality leads, and whether your focus is on local moving leads, long distance moving leads or both, a company with the right qualifications and experience can help make it a reality.