When we think about the need to buy digital advertising our minds turn immediately to Google Ads (AdWords) and Facebook Ads as they should.  But there are several more ways to “advertise” that you may not be taking advantage of, and they’re FREE.  Take a look:

  1. BLOGS:  Often overlooked but often very beneficial in getting your site leads.  A well-researched and well-written blog may land you on the front page of Google for free.  
  2. SEO MARKETING:  SEO is actually far better than digital advertising because you don’t have to pay to get to the Front Page of Google, and the engagement with the prospect is higher than CPC which leads to a higher conversion to sales rate…but it can take longer and not provide the immediate leads you may need…today!
  3. THIRD-PARTY TIE-INS:  Do you have a “flea market” or “trade center” in your area?  Just being the “official mover” can be really helpful for Google’s front page ranking due to all the backlinks from all of the vendors.  We’ve seen this happen first-hand.  
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA:  Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business.
  5. FACEBOOK GROUPS:  Great for recruiting.
  6. FREE DIRECTORIES:  Check around at what is available in your city.

WHEATON/BEKINS/STEVENS/ARPIN AGENTS:  Join my Design Lead, Miles Miller, and me as we present at the Van Lines Awards Gala in Las Vegas next Wednesday, March 2nd on “Digital Adverting.  Hope to see you there!!!  

Onward and Upward!