Generate Free Moving Leads For Moving Companies

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any company. All enterprises need sales leads. Having a steady source of leads is a necessity for any business to be profitable. And, of course, sales leads are vital in the Moving & Storage Industry.

As an $18,000,000,000 a year business in the United States, there are obviously a lot of sales leads making their way around moving companies. There are thousands of businesses and homeowners who need your services. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this article, you are probably not getting your fair share of those leads.

Sales Leads Generation Techniques Used By Movers

  • Referrals from past customers
  • Repeat business
  • Reputation and heritage of your business
  • Networking through business associations and chambers of commerce
  • Contact with prospects, realtors and friends through a sales team
  • Advertising through direct mail postcards and similar print advertisements
  • Purchased leads from a list aggregator. Although this may be a quick fix…It is not an investment you should make for your business.  Read More: Why Buying Sales Leads Is Expensive

Everything above is worthwhile, but it is tied to humans and their time, effort and work week. When you add Machines to the mix, there are no limitations. Machines work 24/7/365. They are there to capture as many prospects without you being there. That can be a real cost saving to you. Wouldn’t you trade high cost salespeople and sales marketing for free leads? Of course you would!

H2: The Web Design Lead Generation For Movers

So, how do you get machine leads working for you? You design a data-driven, machine-learning website that never closes. One that is always there to educate the customer and dispense information about your business. A Machine that never quits and never sleeps. One that only works for you.

But you’re probably saying to yourself, “I have a website, and it’s not getting me leads.”  That is a general complaint we hear about most websites: They just don’t produce leads. However, there are some sites for big van lines who literally don’t get ANY leads. So, if your site is languishing, you’re not alone.

H2: How to Generate Leads Online for Free

It is important to know that many movers do get leads from their sites everyday…hundreds of them, even thousands per month. We see the Google Analytics for ourselves in black and white. It’s not trumped up sales hyping. This is for real.

That brings us to the heart of our story: free moving leads for moving companies.

Why do we say “free”? Is anything free? Well, I suppose it depends on the way you look at it. Leads from your website are FREE! Now you may say, well I had to pay to build the site, and I still have to pay to keep it optimized. Even though this is true, you would be doing this anyway if you are a savvy business owner. Right? If you don’t, the competition will eat your lunch. Here’s why:

A Digital Marketing Insight for Movers

In today’s marketplace it is easy for all of your potential customers to learn about moving services, business specialties, how they are rated by the BBB, Google reviewers, Facebook followers…you know it all too well. So, the days of you being in control are long gone. The customer has all the information right at their fingertips.

This is a long way of saying that all that matters in getting your sales today, is being on Page One of Google for as many keyword phrases as possible.

Why? Because this is where people go when they are in the market to buy. When prospects are “in the market to buy,” your business’ website better be there. If not, you won’t get the Request for a Quote. Not only does your website need to be shown on Page One of Google, it needs to be in the first five free listings.

You can buy your way on to Page One of Google, but that’s merely transactional business. As soon as your clicks burn up your budget, your ads disappear. But, when you optimize, they don’t go away.

Research shows that 94% of all users click on free listings anyway…only 6% on the ads. There’s just so much traffic! Paid ads still get clicked on… But they are pretty expensive in most markets depending on the season.

The Bottom Line: How To Get Free Moving Leads For Moving Companies

  • Build a data-driven, sales funnel website: We can’t stress the importance for making sure your website is doing absolutely everything it should for your business. Your website is meant to generate leads!
  • Keep it optimized: Your website needs to stay relevant. When we say optimize we are referring to building your website with the goal of reaching the top in website rankings. This is done through adding relevant keywords, meta tags and title tags to all parts of your website. Keyword phrases are how customers find your website.
  • Machine-driven leads add a valuable new channel
  • Watch your free website leads continue to grow month by month, adjusted for seasonal influences: You need to monitor your website’s performance. If you follow trends and learn from the previous performance, you can identify where you are growing and where you are falling short. Reviewing your website’s performance monthly is critical for continuous growth.
  • Buy leads from ‘lead aggregators” as a last resort: As this is a merely transactional business that will not benefit your company in the long run: Buying leads is temporary but having an optimized and goal driven website will generate leads for you time after time at no cost. (See study above)
  • Buy Google Ads on a “stand by” basis when capacity considerations dictate: Control your spending! There is no need to blow money on Ads that won’t benefit your company at a certain time. Time your spending right!
  • Your website must be on Page One of Google: The overall goal is to be on page one for your market! Do your research and find out the most searched for phrases and keywords people are using in your area. By applying those keywords and phrases to the content on your site the higher your website will climb in ranking!

Since 2010 we have studied mover’s websites to learn what works and what doesn’t. Talk to your webmaster or web company. Go over this article with them. For growth you need to make sure you have all the tools and metrics required to calculate and gather form submissions and site traffic. Create your Google Analytics Account for your website and use it to monitor the sites’ performance. Make sure that your site is growing year over year for “organic searches” in Google Analytics. “Organic searches” come when customers use a key phrase or a string of words to search for something. For instance, when someone visits your website after searching “local movers near me,” that counts as an organic search for you. You can see why this is important!

If you aren’t sure how to do this, just follow these steps:

Open your website’s Google Analytics and click on: Acquisition (major heading in the far-left column tree)

Then click “Campaigns.”

Then click Organic “Keywords.”

Next, go up to the top right-hand corner of your screen and change the date range to “last 30 days” and check the box to compare to “previous year”.

organic traffic insights

This will give you the truth about the viability of your website and if it is on track to get you more leads and more sales in the next quarter. In Moving & Storage it is important to compare “year over year” to “previous period’ as to adjust for seasonality.

You now have the tools and knowledge to go forward and make educated decisions about how to optimize your sales leads for your business from your website. Onward and upward!