How Do I Get More Business? Growing Your Moving Company Online

You’re wondering how to grow your business and increase sales. The truth of the matter is, 94% of people search the internet before they buy. It’s a fact you can’t escape. Growing your business online is, now more than ever, a determining factor of whether your business thrives or not. Generating sales leads takes time, but with strong digital marketing strategies you’ll be on your way to gaining new customers and increasing revenue for your moving company before you know it. Here are 3 marketing tips, assuming you have a website already in place, to help you grow your moving company online so that you’re able to get new customers for your business.

Identify and Reach Your Target Audience

What area does your moving company service? Even more specifically, what markets would you like to reach and expand into? In the past few years, “near me” searches have increased drastically. Optimizing your website with pages that target specific locations will help you rank in those markets you would like to see more business from. Well optimized location pages will increase traffic to your site giving you the opportunity to tap into those markets and grow your business, city by city.

Test a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

revenue growth chart

If you’re moving company site is not ranking as high as you would like in the organic listings of Google’s results and you’re looking for immediate business, test a pay-per-click campaign through Google AdWords. Digital advertising campaigns can put you in front of “moving company” related searches quickly. Set a campaign budget for yourself and be sure you’re bidding high enough for keywords to show up at the top of Page One. You can even set location targeting, demographic targeting and more to make sure your ads are getting served to the right people. Digital pay-per-click advertising can be very effective in getting new customers to your business in a short amount of time.

Customer Service & Reviews

People trust the opinions and feedback of past customers. To grow your moving company online and get new customers, it’s critical to take care of the customers you already have. Making sure they are satisfied during the move is not enough. Follow up with an email to ensure all their needs have been met and while you’re at it, request an online review. No matter how great your website looks or how great you market your services, one negative review can cost you a sale. We all know it’s not possible to avoid all negative reviews so when they do happen, be sure to address it as soon as possible in a respectful manner focused on finding a solution.

Grow your business online by implementing these strategies into your marketing efforts. Don’t lose out on potential business any longer. Creating optimized location pages, trying a paid campaign, cultivating and monitoring online reviews could be your answer to getting new customers and increasing revenue for your moving company.