Get Your Moving Company’s Website to Rank on Page One of Google


SEPARATE PAGE FOR EACH SERVICE: Think about it. Getting to Page One of Google is all about your moving company’s website being better than your competitor’s. What does “better” mean in terms of “Google-speak?” It means more relevant. More educational. More informational. More extensive content. More “on point.”

So your moving company’s site is never going to win the “Page One of Google Battle” with one page listing all of your services. It would if yours was the only website around for Movers… but it’s not.. Thus, writing about services gets your site a lower rank than writing a separate page for Local Moves, Long Distance Moves, Storage… you get the picture. When you need an eye exam, do you search for a “doctor” or an “eye doctor?” If your moving company’s site is written in “generalist” terms and you want to get a better ranking on Google, now you know one thing you can do. More next week!