Who said they’re not in the Holiday mood in Palo Alto?  Just after we began explaining E-A-T to you in our newsletter last week, Google goes and changes it!  You see why SEO never stops…because Google never stops!  Here’s the latest:

  1. E-A-T IS NOW E-E-A-T:  Seriously.  Just to correspond with our discussion, Google has updated their Quality Rates Guidelines to redefine E-A-T.
  2. NEW “E” IS EXPERIENCE:  Does the content creator have the necessary first-hand or life experience?
  3. EXPERTISE STILL MATTERS:  Does the content creator have the necessary knowledge or skill for the topic?
  4. EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE MAY OVERLAP:  Google readily admits this, as  Authoritativeness may overlap as well.
  5. “TRUST” IS THE GOAL:  Experience, Expertise and Authoritativeness are important concepts that support Google’s assessment of Trust.
  6. “TRUST” IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF THE E-A-T FAMILY:  Untrustworthy pages have low E-A-T no matter how Experienced, Expert or Authoritative they may seem.
  7. HOW IS E-E-A-T JUDGED?  Google tells raters to look at the About Us Page, independent reviews, news articles and other sources of credible information.

As you can see, Google has refined its algorithms to look for Trust as best it can, and now it’s your responsibility to show them that you have it by following their Guidelines in designing and developing your website.

Onward and upward!