It was a great year to be a mover!  The demand was stupendous.  Now you know what having your site found on Google does for your leads! We say this because while your site may only be on Page 4 of the rankings, there was such heavy demand that all of the moving companies listed in front of your site were booked, so your site started getting viewed.  But will it hold and what do you do next?



  • BUDGET SEO FOR 2022:  It will cost you $1,000-$4000/month depending on the number of competitors you have, the services you need and the SEO consultant you choose.
  • SEO IS A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT:  You will get plenty of leads to more than pay for the monthly fee, but it may take 3-6 months depending on how sophisticated your sales operation is.  We call this period “the Gap”.
  • SEO IS A PARTNERSHIP:  You have to uphold your end of the bargain.  We’ll get you the inquiries, but your people have to be experienced enough to convert them into sales-qualified leads.  We’ll show you how, but they have to be committed.
  • WITHOUT SEO YOUR SITE WILL BE AN ALSO- RAN:  There are just too many sites that are constantly being optimized.  Unless you get in the fight, your site will not see the light of the Front Page.
  • WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS:  If your business is well established and you can easily survive on referrals, then SEO is not as critical for you.  Many of our clients want all the business they can get, so they invest in SEO anyway.  It’s a judgment call.


Don’t miss out on more leads.  Follow the steps above to increase leads and a fuller pipeline of prospects.  Do your research.  While we’re the oldest consultants for movers, there are others out there.  Because we’re the only one with a fully-staffed office 40 hours/week, we win a lot of movers’ votes…and we thank you for that!


Onward and upward!


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