Now Google is testing placing the Google Ads right in the Organic results.  That’s right, no longer just at the top and bottom of a Google Search Results Page (SERP) but mixed in.  What does this mean for you:

  •  MORE EXPOSURE:  When your ad appears in Position 3, or maybe Position 5, you have an even better chance of getting a lead for your business.
  • NO INCREASE IN PRICE:  Since AdWords has always been a dynamic, on-the-spot auction, your costs do not necessarily increase.
  • TESTING NOW:  No official start date has been announced but you may see more Google Ads popping up in the Organic results even as you search today.  
  • CAN’T BEAT PAGE ONE:  Since more than 90% of prospects perform a search before they buy, having your website appear on Page One of a SERP is money in the bank.
  • TARGETED ADS:  With Google Ads there’s really no waste unlike Facebook, LinkedIn or traditional media.  Nobody is searching for your product or service unless they are IN THE MARKET for your product or service.
  • GET LEADS NOW:  While it takes the better part of a week now for the Google AI to analyze your website and those of your competitors, it still is the fastest way to get leads with the possible exception of Google Local Services leads.  

If your business needs more leads today…this is the way.
Onward and upward!

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