You are probably aware of the difference:  Google Guaranteed (Local Services Ads) are strictly leads…not advertising.   Google AdWords (now Google Ads) is advertising and we are seeing improving conversion rates.  Here’s the Executive Read:

  1. GOOGLE GUARANTEED:  Google has removed the “green circle with the check box” in it from each moving company’s ad.  It is now above the 3 boxes.  
    • Is this as eye-catching?
    • Is this as valuable to you as the lead buyer as the prospect may not draw the connection?
    • Does this encourage the prospect to look at “More Movers In (your city)”.  I just checked my local market and there were 11 other movers with the green Google Guaranteed box which means their credit cards were open.
    • The success of this lead service is causing Google to spread its endorsement over many more moving companies.
    • Arguably, this may hurt the results here.  It’s new, we’ll be anxious to speak to our clients using this service to get their feedback.
  2. GOOGLE ADWORDS:  This tried and true service is receiving a lot of attention from Google engineers.  It is vastly improved and has many more offerings.
    • Google has introduced their “machine learning” and maybe even “AI” into this adverting platform.  
    • AdWords can now actually use what Google calls “billions of pieces of information” to serve your text search ad to the most qualified of prospects.  
    • With all of this automation, knowing how to properly set up the campaigns is vital.  You will not get a low “cost per conversion” if it is not set up properly and then monitored for further modifications.
    • The bidding strategy is key and must be constantly watched.  Changing it may trigger a “learning phase” that can last up to 5 days, so be careful before making changes.
    • The good news is that we are seeing vast improvements in conversions leading to lower costs per conversion.

In this summer of 2023, keeping the crews busy is on everyone’s mind.  Keep all of your channels primed, as all will be important in making your cash flow.  These two Google services will help…if used properly. 

Onward & Upward!