An Update for 2019: Google Guaranteed Lead Gen Ads

Sales leads are what all movers are after. In fact, sales leads are what all businesses are after. However, without having an office in a shopping mall, moving companies must rely on “being found” to get a lead. We’ve covered how to get sales leads in an earlier blog.

One new and valuable way to get found is the new service being offered to moving companies by Google called “Google Guaranteed” lead gen ads. Please see this earlier blog post for the basics on the Google Guaranteed program for movers.

In today’s post we are updating you on some important features of Google local services lead ads that we have learned about first hand in working with moving companies on this program. Here are some facts that you should immediately be aware of.

    1. Google Guaranteed Leads:
      The service is not available in all markets as of today (03/12/19). However, it is being rolled out in more and more cities so the complete universe of the US and Canada will eventually be online.


    1. Should You Sign Up?
      Absolutely. Google Guarantee sign up does not mean that you need to run paid ads, but it does enable you to be ready if you want to run them. Please note: In the sign-up process it does ask for a credit card so do not be surprised. Give them your card number. You can’t sign up unless you do, and you will be able to pause the paid ads before they begin.


    1. Long Qualification Period:
      It generally takes the better part of four weeks…sometimes up to two months…to qualify, and that’s if all of your paperwork is in order and your background check goes through. Google Guarantee background check is done through Pinkerton, and you will have to submit all of your insurance and licensing information. If Google has questions about your insurance policies or incorporation papers, it can add weeks to the qualification period. Be proactive. Get the ball rolling now. Either do it yourself or have your SEO company do it for you.


    1. You Are Buying Leads:
      Make no mistake about it. You are now buying leads but from Google. Not, HomeAdvisor, Equate or TopMoverQuotes. Google is now in that business. This is a huge business. Tens of thousands of moving leads are bought a day in the US. (More on that in another blog.)


    1. Google Will Credit Extraneous Calls:
      All calls on the Google Guaranteed lead tracking phone number are recorded. If the call is about something other than a new moving job, Google will not charge you for that lead. This makes the service even more appealing.


    1. Google Will Credit Calls From Outside Your Area:
      Since the calls on the tracking number are recorded if the call is from outside your moving zone, then you do not have to pay. Amazing, but true.


    1. Major Moving Companies Are Signing Up:
      When introduced, theses Local Services Ads were marketed by Google to the “mom and pop” local businesses. Many of the names we didn’t recognize. But, that has all changed. In many markets, the top moving companies have signed up and are using the service. This bids up the price of the lead and chokes off the “little guy”. Be prepared. Sign up. It is war out there.


    1. You Only Pay If You Turn On The “Guaranteed”:
      You can qualify and be a part of the program without paying for leads. However, your ad will probably not appear at the top of a Google search engine result. When you unpause your ad and start paying, then it will appear on the page with the Google Guarantee badge (depending on your bid and budget, of course).


    1. You Can Set A Weekly Budget:
      Google will automatically run your ad, and pause your ad, to meet your weekly budget.


It may sound like we work for Google, but that is the farthest from the truth. Google would like to see SEO experts like us “go away”. They are marketing directly to businesses and now provide their phone number online with their business hours as well. They are becoming more and more retail-oriented.

Experts like us, who are able to cut through the maze, will save you money and take the workload off of your hands, but, from the way it looks, Google would just as soon have you all to their own. However, you choose to work, be sure to take the time to sign up for this lead gen service. It just might bail you out someday.

Onward and upward!