Every moving company has a Google My Business (GMB) page even if you didn’t set it up.  It’s the listing with the photos and information on the right side of the Google Front Page when your site renders.  

So why is it so important?  Here’s why:

Marketers for Movers GMB Profile

  1. FIRST LINE OF ENGAGEMENT:  Your GMB page is an attention grabber and if created and managed properly, it will get you more leads for free.
  2. PHOTOS CREATE INTEREST:  We all know people are visual, and especially someone who is looking for their next mover.  Having the right photos can make a big difference in engagement.
  3. “REQUEST A QUOTE” FORM:  Now being added to the GMB of all of the moving sites.  It’s in beta.  About 20% of our moving clients already are getting leads from a form on their GMB page.
  4. TRAFFIC FOR MOST MOVING SITES IS HUGE:  In fact, much larger than your own website most likely.  It’s a great way to engage and get prospects to view your site if they don’t just request a quote right from your GMB page.
  5. MESSAGING:  All of your prospects who do request a quote from the GMB page are put into a file so you can view them in your past history where they are recorded on your page.

Don’t miss out on more leads.  Make sure that your GMB page is up to date and is well optimized.  It’s getting to be a bigger and bigger channel for more moving leads every year.


Onward and upward!


For more information: https://marketersformovers.com/blog/seo-guide-for-moving-companies/