How Backlink SEO Can Help Your Moving Company Thrive


It is no secret that consumers today turn to Google whenever they need a product or service. Today, the moving and storage industry is full of fierce competition trying to grab every customer possible through using Google. Well how do you compete and get your moving company’s website on page one of Google? Simple. Backlinking. So, what are backlinks and why are they important?

What Is Backlink SEO

Let us begin by answering what is backlinking? Backlinking is where other websites have links to your website throughout their web pages…and we can’t stress enough the importance of backlinks!

A backlink example for a moving company would be when a popular van line website uses your web content as a reference in an article or blog. They then link that information back to your website in order to give you credit for your work.

This is just one example, and there are plenty of other types of backlinks your moving and storage company can obtain. As you begin to investigate and understand link building strategies on your own, you will begin to see that as a moving company, your website can virtually fit in anywhere. From van line websites to destination blogs, if you write quality content you can get backlinks for your website anywhere.

I’m A Mover, What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

Of course, it’s complicated to see exactly how backlinking can help, but once you start getting them, the benefits of backlinks are apparent. Google ranks websites based on their authority. The more you get backlinks from other websites, the more authority you have. Google bases your website’s position on how much authority it has versus the other moving companies you compete with. So, what is the actual importance of backlinks? Well, we have broken it down into five reasons why backlinking can help your moving company.

1. Get Backlinks And Have A Better Search Engine Ranking

The goal is to get you on page one! Google and other search engines consider the use of backlinks as a voting system. Think of it this way. The more votes (backlinks) you have, the more Google views your website’s content as valuable, credible and informative. This will result in your website ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

Even though Google constantly updates their ranking algorithms, links have always been a key ranking signal. Google has even confirmed that links remain among their top three search engine ranking factors. Of course, the higher your website ranks, the more visible your company will be to potential customers.

2. Referral Traffic From Other Moving Company Websites

When ranking your website, Google also takes in to account how people get to your website without using their search engine. In other words, referral traffic is when someone ends up on your website by clicking your link from another website. This can only be done through backlinking.

As a moving company, you want referral traffic because it is a source for traffic outside of search engines. Obviously, the more traffic you have to your website, the more chances there are to gain sales leads. Referral traffic is also an indicator of your brand’s popularity. When people see your brand in a non-organic setting, the more likely they will begin to view your website. Customers will begin referring to your site because it has established itself as a brand leader. However, it still is important to have a organic and a non-organic presence on the internet.

3. Establishes You As The Expert In The Moving and Storage Industry

When other websites backlink to your website, it shows potential customers that you are the experts in your industry. Why else would a website post your link if they didn’t believe your content was valuable? This basically is how customers think when they click on a link from another website.

When someone uses your link as a reference to content or any other information it gives you credibility and shows customers that you are the experts in your field. Being known as the expert can be the determining factor for if someone chooses your business over another brand. Potential customers are going to go with the moving company that is most recognized by them. When you are the expert it builds brand awareness. By just utilizing backlinks and getting your website out there can establish your moving company as the experts in the industry.

4. Creates Relationships With Moving and Storage Influencers

As you build backlinks, moving and storage influencers are going to take notice. Everyone wants a piece of the pie! With quality backlinks your popularity will begin to grow. This will result in more sales lead. As you start generating more sales leads, other companies in your industry are going to want to use your website. They are going to see your website as a way to benefit their own.

Now you might be thinking, how could your moving company possibly benefit by helping other companies in your industry? Well just think of when you began backlinking. As part of your link building campaign you had to rely on other high-ranking websites. You probably had to put yourself out there offering guest blogging opportunities just so you can get a backlink for your moving website

As a moving company, you have to work hard in creating relationships with other websites in your industry. Positive relationships will get you the necessary backlinks it takes to rank higher. Once you have established yourself, other moving companies are going to be in that same position. They will be the ones asking you to link to their website. This will create a relationship that will continuously benefit your moving company. You are creating backlinks with other brands and are showing search engines that your content is valuable, credible and informative.

5. Promotional Opportunities For Your Moving Company

As part of your digital marketing strategies, SEO and backlinks create promotional opportunities for your moving and storage company. Think about it! What better way is there to portray your company, than by having another website do it for you. You don’t have to do any of the work besides obtaining the backlink. Of course, as time goes on you will need to monitor the backlink to ensure it is still linking properly to your website. In retrospect this is a lot easier than creating a full-blown promotional plan.

Backlinks act as a promotional item themselves. Backlinks spread word about your business and products. Obviously, the more your business or product is seen the more chances you have for gaining sales leads. Link building is a great and easy way to promote your company.

Along with the other reasons outlined, it obvious that link building plays a critical role in separating your moving company from the rest of your competition. Not only do they get you to page one, but also offer you another channel for generating business leads.