How to Buy Moving Leads in 2022

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When you’re looking to buy moving leads and don’t know where to find qualified moving leads, use our guide to find reputable options to boost your business. Learn how to:

  • Find the best moving lead providers
  • Uncover new advertising ideas
  • Create your own lead-generation strategy

Sales leads for moving companies can be a competitive business, so get a leg up for 2021!

Every moving company is after one thing — sales leads. The bad news for you is that there are over 20,000 moving leads sold every single day. It’s a huge business in the U.S. 

Unfortunately, it gets worse: You’re not the only company buying leads. If there are 20,000 moving leads sold every day and each lead has anywhere from 3-5 moving companies bidding on it, imagine how much money is wasted on jobs that are never won. Movers tell us their conversion rates for purchased leads are 3% or less.

Navigating through the landscape of moving leads providers can be a difficult and costly task. Leads need to be qualified and exclusive, but finding the right strategy can be a boon for your business.

Top Aggregators for Moving Leads

With the market as booming as it is, not all the sites that sell moving leads are created equal. In this case, and with much of the moving industry, you truly get what you pay for. If you’re only paying $25 for a lead, there might be a good reason for it. 

Don’t be hesitant to shell out a few more dollars per lead. It’s the surest way to guarantee that you will receive quality moving leads that are worth fighting for. If you have no business, then buying leads is not really a choice but a necessity.

Quality Leads Providers

Tips for Choosing a Leads Provider

  1. Prospect Limit: In order to ensure a better ROI, determine how many moving companies the provider is selling each lead to. Try to find a service that limits its leads to 3-5 moving companies. It will be more expensive, but you’re much more likely to book an appointment. 
  2. Set Budgets: It will help you immensely to choose a service that allows you to set a daily or monthly budget. That way you can set it and forget it, knowing your finances will stay in check.
  3. Void Bad Leads: The best providers will have an easy process for voiding illegitimate leads. 
  4. Licensed and Insured: Find a service that requires its moving companies to be fully licensed and insured. It will attract the best potential customers and keep your brand image intact. 
  5. Check Site: If you scroll to the bottom, is the copyright year current? An outdated site means they’re less likely to pay attention to details or are plain careless.

Digital Advertising for Moving Leads

While they aren’t necessarily moving leads for sale, pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to generate local moving leads. There are numerous products and services available online that allow you to advertise your moving service directly to the people searching for it. 

Less of a lead seller and more of a lead generator, these marketing tools motivate prospects into calling your office or visiting your site. They give your website prime real estate in front of the people who are in the market to buy. 

This strategy may appear to be more expensive than using a leads seller, but you also only receive exclusive moving leads that are far more likely to close.


Best Pay-Per-Click Lead Generators

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Guaranteed Leads
  • Yahoo! Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn

Qualified Lead Generation Program

Our last strategy for securing moving company leads is investing in your own lead-generation process. This is certainly more of a long-term solution, but it will also pay off the biggest dividends and grow year after year.

SEO Overview

Whereas the last two strategies had to do with third-party leads and advertising, this strategy is all about nurturing leads.

While leads sellers and PPC campaigns may give you immediate results, they are also not the most economical choice. A lot of money ends up being spent on leads you never close.

By investing in your website and lead-generation funnel, you employ a system that will consistently bring in leads for years to come. It also doesn’t hurt that they are more exclusive and qualified than leads you would purchase.

While it involves more work up front, either by you or an SEO agency, it will set up your moving business for success in the long run.

In its simplest form, a lead-generation funnel should follow these three steps:

  1. Generate Traffic
  2. Encourage Action
  3. Follow Up

By applying effective SEO practices to your website, you will naturally (“organically”) draw prospects to your website.

The point of lead sellers and PPC campaigns is to get your moving company in front of potential customers. The best and most efficient way to do this is investing in your own process.

While it’s not the easiest strategy, it will make your life easier in the long run.