Only when the status quo is disrupted by any type of change can the established order be changed. This can mean a change in your market share. While 90% of you will not want to pursue this strategy, it’s that minority who will profit.

First of all, nobody wants a pandemic such as this to ever happen. We pray for our county and the world. However, it is happening and now is the time to choose to visualize how your moving company will emerge on the other side. Our recommendations:

  1. CARES Act Loans: To keep your operation intact, be sure to submit online directly to the SBA their Disaster Loan application, and the new provision the permits a claim for a $10,000 grant that can be forgiven. The Payroll Protection Plan money that is a simple form filed with your local bank, and any local grants that may be available in your county.
  2. Website Analysis: Contact your webmaster or SEO consultant to immediately look at the site structure of your website versus your competition on Page One of Google in your market. How does your site compare? Be ready for the early summer moving season. School is out already in most states, and it will probably restart a month earlier than usual.
  3. Sales Leads From Website: If half of your sales leads are not coming from your site, your site is underperforming. Compare your Behavior Flow chart for the last 90 to ascertain how many total visitors you have, and what percentage drop off without engaging with your site. This is a quick and easy way to see if your site is just not resonating with your prospects.
  4. Act Now: Any changes you make this week will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks to be crawled a sufficient number of times before they are indexed by Google. None of this happens overnight for you or your competitors.
  5. Need Leads Today: Dust off your old AdWords campaign and restart it today. The cost per click is down about 50% in most markets as your moving competitors abandon their campaigns. So now you pay less and have the opportunity to increase your market share.
  6. “All Profit is Derived From Risk” : Those are the famous words of Peter Drucker. You have to zig when they zag. It only makes sense.

If you’re ready to break out of the status quo, now is the time to do it. Our 10 years of working with movers coast to coast have helped us prove this to be true since the Great Recession of 2009. Now it’s your turn. Onward and upward!