How to Grow a Moving Company in 9 Steps

Maybe you’ve just started your very own moving company or bought one. Or you’ve inherited a family business you want to keep going into the next generation.

Keeping your moving company afloat is one thing, but expanding it is another. Moving is also a unique industry. Demand is extremely high during the summer and dries up during the winter. How can you consistently expand your company throughout the year?

Growing a moving company requires some upfront investment, but the reward is unbeatable. Here are nine steps, some low-cost, and others requiring a bit more capital, to grow your moving company. They can be done in or out of order. The most important thing is you have the drive to succeed.

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  1. Join local Chambers of Commerce and business associations. Not only will the members of these groups be great to network with, but you could end up moving them and their business in the future.
  2. Network with realtors. They will be directly working with the people who will need your services the most.
  3. Create an effective website. Most customers utilize the internet to find goods and services, so having a top-notch website is a must. Optimizing it for SEO and making it easy for potential customers to submit a “request a quote” form will turn your site into a lead-generating machine.
  4. Ask customers for reviews. Many potential customers read reviews online (whether on Google, Yelp, or social media) before selecting a company or product. Building up reviews (good and not-so-good) establishes your trustworthiness and credibility.
  5. Utilize social media. Another thing many customers do is search your company on social media. Share articles and blogs about moving and photos about your office and past moves to establish a reputation.
  6. Answer your phones. If a customer calls and no one picks up, they’ll go right on to the next moving company. Simple as that. People also hate “phone trees”, so have a live human answer their calls.
  7. Invest in your employees. Many of our clients who have strong businesses work very hard to train their employees and set a good example. Employees who feel they’re being taken care of will work better and even help spread word of mouth referrals.
  8. Advertise in the off-season. 65% of moves occur between May and September. So, what do you do October through April? Do social media advertising, do Google AdWords, plump up your website. Anything you do in the off-season will attract customers who are willing to book moves during the busy season (and maybe even snag you some off-season moves).
  9. Reach out to apartment complexes and senior living facilities in your area. Offer discounts or commission on moves done in their complexes, if possible. They’ll be happy to have a preferred mover on file for their residents, and you’ll get steady business.

A moving company is more than just a truck and a couple of strong employees. Establishing your brand and building trusting relationships with customers will help grow your moving company.

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