This is our third article in a series of three on killing website leads.  We have already covered:  Stale Google Customer Reviews and Weak Content.  This week:

MOVING LEADS KILLER PART 3:  Unoptimized Google Business Profile

  1. CLAIM IT:  Your moving company already has a Profile.  If you didn’t set it up, Google did it for you.  This is free and vital to getting leads.
  2. HUGE SOURCE OF TRAFFIC:  If optimized, it might be your best source of traffic to your site, and with traffic comes leads.
  3. ADDRESS, HOURS AND PHONE:  You should be able to edit your Profile with your Google login.  Make sure these basics are accurate.
  4. SERVICE AREAS: This helps Google know where to show your Profile page for people searching for moving and storage services.  You can list up to 20 service areas.  Make sure they are where you want to do business.
  5. PHOTOS:  Show off your business to prospects with your best self-taken photos.  If you don’t upload some, Google will.  Even your customers can.  So make sure you load your best examples of what makes your moving company the best choice for the prospect.
  6. POST:  You can post weekly and it’s free.  Tell your prospects why to use your company.  Highlight any specials.
  7. PRODUCTS: There is even a place to show off your product offerings for free.  What are you waiting for?
  8. DUPLICATE PROFILE PAGES:  Make sure your van line is not using your address to get leads for themselves and then sell them back to you and other agents.  Protect your address!

These points are an accumulation of principles that we follow in optimizing our client’s websites.  They are a product of our years of experience, our reading of Google bulletins and our understanding of the Google Quality Raters Guide.  Hopefully, you can profit from them.

Onward and upward!