Google does not want to be fooled.  There are plenty of bad actors out there looking to take advantage of search engines for their own gain and profit.  Hundreds of Google engineers spend all their days working to prevent this.  So here’s how you can impress the search engines:

  1. THE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH:  Google is looking at the most trustworthy data possible that is often stored in the Knowledge Graph or at WikiData or Wikipedia.  They’re serious!
  2. GOOGLE SEARCH CONNECTIONS:  Google can read sentences and understand relationships.  It knows that “moving” is related to “storage”.  
  3. WRITE CLEARLY:  Simple sentences like “Name of the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is….”    
  4. FOLLOW A TEMPLATE:  Constructing your content to follow a template is helpful for the machines.  They begin to get the flow.
  5. BULLET POINTS:  Easy for the machines to follow.  Easy for your prospects to follow.
  6. STRUCTURED DATA, TITLE TAGS & METAS:  This is the roadmap the machines need to easily rank your site.
  7. GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE:  Make sure it’s up-to-date and robust with many pictures and authoritative information.
  8. ALLOW TIME:  Google machines are programmed to check and recheck facts.  You may get a quick ranking only to have it taken away.  Generally, 90 days is fast to see rankings update.

Since nobody is visually looking at your site…save 16,000 raters whom Google employs worldwide…your site is being crawled, indexed and ranked 100% by machines.  Be sure to lay out a pathway for its easy indexing so you can reap the benefits of higher rankings.

Onward & Upward!

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