How to Talk to Your Moving Crew, Clients About COVID-19

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of uncertain, unprecedented times. It’s difficult to talk about something that is constantly changing and disrupting lives, like the coronavirus.

As the pandemic closes in on the United States, moving and storage is considered an essential business in most states that have ordered lockdowns. This is good news for moving companies, as many businesses shutter and announce layoffs, but we’re still able to serve our customers’ needs.

However, with information changing by the minute, misinformation running rampant and people increasingly withdrawing to their homes, it can be difficult to keep business flowing.

Fortunately, you can soothe potential customers and your crew with some statistics coming out of Italy:

  • 52% of all deaths from COVID-19 occurred in individuals who had 3 or more pre-existing medical conditions
  • The average age of COVID-19 patients who died was 78 years old
  • The vast majority of younger patients who died (under 40 years of age) had serious pre-existing medical conditions

With frayed nerves and the constant threat of the unknown, how can you communicate to your crew and customers that you are open for business and you are taking everything seriously?

Read below on how to speak to your crew, your customers, and how to take precautionary measures:

Talk to Your Crew

  • Tell employees that if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, fatigue), they should stay home and away from the office or move.
  • Provide soap, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and other personal protection equipment when you can to your crew, especially those who will be moving.
  • Ask your sales staff to push video surveys, if you do those. That will limit unnecessary contact between your employees and potential customers
  • Stress the importance that moving is an essential business, and their cooperation to stop the spread of coronavirus is essential!

Talk to Your Customers

Post to your website and social media the precautions you are taking to stop the spread of coronavirus. Also ask your employees to provide these points to customers who ask:

  • Tell them that you’re open!!! Many governors and Homeland Security have declared moving an essential business. Communicate that to your customers. Let them know that you’ll be open and are willing to handle their needs.
  • Let them know the precautions that you are taking for your crew.
  • Ask them to take precautions of their own: if anyone in their household is sick or exhibiting symptoms, they need to let you know before any one of your employees goes to their house. If a move is taking place, ask them to provide your crew access to a bathroom so they can wash their hands. Ask them to wipe down doors, light switches, counters and any other surfaces your crew might come into contact with before the move.

Some Resources to Monitor Coronavirus

  • Dr. David Katz is a board-certified specialist in preventative medicine and public health who recently published a report on the effects of the coronavirus in Italy. This is where our Italy statistics come from.
  • Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker. Follow the amount of new cases, deaths and recoveries on the international tracker from this world-renowned medical university.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC offers guidelines on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, what to do if you’re sick and the latest updates on cases and deaths.