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Google SEO Core Vitals

In a rare preannouncement, Google has stated that website design will make a difference in getting to Page One. Since Page One is the difference between lots of leads and just a few leads, this is a must-read for any moving company. 

WHAT: Three new “web core vitals.” 

First one is: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).  This measures how long it takes the largest image on your page to load.  Your site will get measurement data from Google for both desktop and mobile versions, as the designs are quite different.

WHEN: Sometime in 2021. Delayed due to COVID.

WHERE:  All websites — mobile version and desktop versions. 

WHY: Provide better user experience for Google customers.

It is important to realize that Google has announced this ahead of time. This doesn’t happen often.  Will this be a major change? Absolutely. Will it have a huge effect? Probably not, as it is just one of hundreds of ranking factors. But all sites react differently to Google changes, so we can’t know for sure how this will affect your moving company website.

One thing we do know is Google is moving away from just looking at relevant content and into the design of your website as it affects its users. More Web Core Vitals next week.


Onward and upward!


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