“Live Chat” is a Good Source of Sales Leads

If you are not already using “Live Chat” on the Home Page of your website you are missing out on another source of sales leads. Why? Many prospects want to ask a question or two anonymously…with no chance of a salesperson calling. In most cases a savvy salesperson can easily lead a “live chatter” into your sales process. Look at it this way…it’s one more possible sale. It’s very inexpensive, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Most of our clients are using it and have been for some time. None would give it up, but most hesitate to start it initially. Objections are generally: Who’s going to answer it? We don’t have time. If the chat is not answered quickly, it will backfire on us. Those are all valid concerns, but most of the time they are easily resolved. Now, if you don’t want to answer the chats, we will do it for you. Your cost is $15 per qualified lead (name, email/phone, their interest, their locality) and a one-time set-up fee. Don’t miss out on another sales lead….Live Chat!