As we look at the economic landscape in 2023, we know that some of you are busy and making money, some of you are struggling to make payroll, and the majority of you are in the middle… cash-flowing but wanting more. It’s been that kind of year, so how can you profit regardless? Our thoughts:

  • MARKETING IS KEY: And by this, we mean having an annual plan and sticking to it.  Forget “on again, off again”. That is not Marketing. Consistency pays off.
  • MARKETING IS EARNED: By that, we mean building a brand. A brand that endures regardless of the economic climate.
  • MARKETING IS NOT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: It takes time to build a solid position in the marketplace, Some aspects can be hurried, but most cannot.
  • MARKETING IS NOT EASY. It’s not simple; if it were, everyone would do it, but it isn’t and they don’t. 
  • SIZE DOES NOT MATTER: We see small, well-positioned firms navigating this slowdown and still keeping their marketing plans in place, while other larger firms with no plan are suffering.

Hopefully, it’s a good year for you, but if not, take heart, now is the time to put a marketing plan together and operate from a position of confidence.

Onward and upward!