That’s the title of a seminar I’m participating in at the Wheaton/Bekins Van Lines Convention in Orlando this week. I thought you’d find our topics of discussion interesting as we all ponder the next 12 months. Here are our top topics for you to consider in your business:

  • CONTENT: Still king, and we’ll include a discussion of Google Customer Reviews too.  Must be “high quality” as judged solely by Google. We’ll discuss their Guidelines.
  • AI: The buzzword of the year without a doubt, but does it mean much for you? It does, and we’ll review how in the coming weeks.
  • GA4: This is one for your webmaster to implement but for you to be watching weekly.  It’s like a blood test for your website. It provides all of the vital sights and tells you whether the site is healthy or not.

I would add that we have entered SEO 2.0 this year as Google has revolutionized its search engine and its Ads (AdWords) products. Now they can use AI and figure out what your website says and how valuable it is (they refer to it as High-Quality, Medium-Quality and Low-Quality content). If you’re having trouble getting to Page One for any keyword phrase…or were there and have been knocked off in the last 6 months or so…this is probably why.

Lots to discuss. Lots to work on. Google may be broken up by the Justice Department, but for now, they make ALL the rules. Heed them or lose leads. It’s as simple as that.

Onward and upward!