How Moving Companies Benefit from Online Reputation Management

Like it or not: 81% of all B2C prospects do their research online before buying. In B2B, it’s even greater: 90% research online before buying and they actually take a look at 12 different sites on average. Never before has your brand reputation been so important. Thus, our SEO FACTS today is reminding you about your Online Reputation Management (ORM). If you think it’s all out of your control… you’re wrong.

Most of us think about ORM from just a negative point of view. We rush to negate a bad review or a not-so-smart Tweet, but there’s much more you can actively do on a regular basis. Consider: What you own (your website, social channels); What you pay for (AdWords, other digital advertising, product listing ads); What you earn (reviews, other social channels like Yelp, forums, blogs, Wiki, press releases, media sites). You see, there really is a lot that you can do BEFORE a bad review or negative story. Once they come, don’t ignore them, but answer them right away. Here’s to more leads!