AI is the buzz, but Google Ads actually uses it.  Now you can buy Conversions…not just Clicks. The process of setting up the campaigns is more tedious and time-consuming, but it’s worth it.   Here’s why:

  1. BUYING CONVERSIONS:  It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s not perfect, that is for sure, but now Google is able to score the person clicking on your Google Ad and determine how good of a prospect they are to close. They can prefer the better score in a matter of picoseconds.
  2. BILLIONS OF PIECES OF DATA:  Forget privacy; Google already knows so much about us all and can use that data to predict a more qualified user. Now, is every click going to turn into a conversion? Of course, not. But does it have a higher probability of doing so?  Yes.
  3. ACCOUNT MUST BE CLEAN TOO: That means you’ve made “negative” the dozens of searches for “Uhaul” that appear on all accounts. You never want your site shown for that search. Get rid of redundant keywords.  Go “broad match.”  Let AI do the work.
  4. BETTER THAN “GOOGLE GUARANTEED”?: Half of our clients like Guaranteed’s lead gen program, and half do not. Many don’t want to give up their SSN to sign up. Others don’t like the fact that if the prospect wants to move in a week or two and they’re already booked, they can’t get a refund from Google.  
  5. PHONE OVER FORMS:  In the more than 10 years we’ve been getting leads for movers, the contact by the prospect has changed from completing a form to making a phone call. So never run your ads, Google Ads or Google Guaranteed when there’s nobody there to answer the phone.

Bookings are definitely improving, but we all want more, so that’s where some advertising may help.  Onward & Upward!