Our third Google Core Web Vital and the final in this series of new Key Performance Indicators that Google will be looking at in partially determining your site’s PageRank. 

WHAT:  Three new “core web vitals.” This third one is the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This measures the visual stability of your page and how good the experience is on your page.  

WHEN: Sometime in 2021. Delayed due to COVID.

WHERE: All internet websites including mobile and desktop versions. Yours included.  

WHY: Provide a better user experience for Google customers.

Now, for the first time, Google enters into the area of design in determining how it will determine the PageRank of your website.  Now it is no longer subjective, but rather Google is putting objective measurements on how fast your site loads, how soon it becomes interactive and how visually stable it is. They even have different scoring for desktop and mobile.  

Begin now to prepare your site for this eventuality in 2021. If you missed the two previous Core Web Vitals, read about them here:

Onward and upward!

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