We’re all looking for a shortcut. We’re all looking for an advantage. Up till now, there seemed to be some tricks, or “hacks” in IT jargon. Those days are over, thanks to Google’s computer scientists. They’ve done an amazing job of interpreting searches, determining intent and analyzing the quality of the content on the website page.

According to Sundar Pichai, who is president of Alphabet, Inc., which owns Google, they have over 160 engineers working on perfecting AI and generative search right now. This is good news for people who search with Google but bad news for website owners whose sites have been written up until now to specifically rank on search engines. Those days are over. Google wants to put “people first” and lower the scores of sites written primarily to rank higher on search engines.

We can’t emphasize enough what a big deal this is for your website to continue to rank on Page 1 or Page 2 of Google. Unless it was already written “people first,” it won’t.


  1. Check the ranking of your top-performing keywords today versus last November.
  2. If little change, your site is in the minority and continuing to perform well.
  3. If you see your keywords moving down, it is time to begin rewriting every page on your site to comply with Google’s “high-quality” content guidelines as outlined in the Google Raters Guidelines.
  4. This is a big job, but it is a necessary one to keep your pages ranked high, your traffic steady, and your leads coming in.

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Onward and upward!

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