Enjoy 35%–50% off rates compared to before virus breakout. This is according to top media agencies and confirmed by Facebook VPs.
What does this mean for your moving company’s sales? In brief:
  1. GUTS: It takes guts to advertise in an economic downturn, however, the benefits are rewarding from leading research.
  2. NO BIG INVESTMENT: Because you can work with a “daily budget,” you could test an ad for as little as $500. Ask your digital agency for details, or ask us.
  3. 17% COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH: That’s what Bain & Company found in studying 3,900 companies during and after the 2008 recession. Those that did not maintain marketing had 0% growth after downturn ended.
  4. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: In analysis of 4,700 firms before and after 2008 recession, it found “only 9% flourished after a slowdown, outperforming rivals by at least 10% in sales and profits growth.” It went on to say “these high performers mastered the delicate balance between cutting costs to survive today and investing in growth tomorrow.”
Major disruptions provide a unique opportunity to increase your market share. They also greatly effect its engagement with your prospects. As we have written the last weeks, if at all possible, use this disruption to your advantage.
Onward and upward!
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