Only a Small Portion of Americans 55+ Move Long Distance

When there is timely news, we must pass it on quickly to the moving industry ASAP to boost your revenue and save you money. Here’s the headline: “ONLY 610 OF 1% OF AMERICANS OVER 55 MOVED ACROSS STATE LINES IN 2015.” According to the article from The New York Times, the population looked at is still working. This makes it even more imperative for all of you to watch your high-end demos in your advertising. No need to advertise to 55+ anymore.

As you know, there are surveys after surveys listing the top retirement destinations in the USA, and even the world. They come from all types of sources and number over 40. Yet with all the talk of retiring to sunny locales or inexpensive locales or frostbite locales, the number of people who actually do move in retirement is few on a relative basis. This makes the competition for customers for long distance movers even greater, as the 55+ crowd looks like they are staying put.