How To Outsource Your Sales Department

SOUNDS RISKY AND YET MOST MOVING COMPANIES DO IT. They have no lead generation system in place to grow their business. They rely mainly on outsiders. Here’s how the outsourcing is done, and why it’s self-destructive:

  • Peak earning moving companies are in control of their own sales future.
  • If you can’t develop your own business how valuable is your business?
  • No customers means no business. Right?

Moving companies that find themselves with no business typically:

  • Call a lead aggregator to buy leads.
  • Companies that keep excellent records tell us the closing ratio of bought leads is 3%.
  • Our contacts tell us about 20,000 leads are sold daily in the U.S.
  • In addition to buying leads some moving companies will run an AdWords campaign or the new Google Guaranteed ads.

You can see how self-defeating buying leads is. The lead aggregators are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google a month to get leads to resell to you at a handsome profit.
Build a sales department. Build your company’s future. Begin a sales lead optimization program today and sleep at night knowing your business can generate its own leads…day after day…month after month.

Read this if you’re thinking of hiring a moving leads provider this year!