How Do I Get More Business? Growing Your Moving Company Online

You’re wondering how to grow your business and increase sales. The truth of the matter is, 94% of people search the internet before they buy. It’s a fact you can’t escape. Growing your business online is, now more than ever, a determining factor of whether your business thrives or not. Generating sales leads takes time, […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Moving Companies – How to Engage Potential Customers

Social media marketing is a great way to get your moving company in front of potential customers. You may be hesitant, however, to spend any time with social media marketing at all, because the moving industry isn’t very “buzz-worthy”. But that doesn’t mean that moving and storage companies can’t take advantage of affordable social media […]

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Podcast: 10 SEO Tips for Moving Companies to Generate Sales Leads

Sales leads are the driving revenue source for today’s businesses. Your presence online gives you a unique opportunity to speak to a market of individuals who are interested in you and your services. We’ll give you ten tips on how to boost your sales leads and increase traffic to your website. Website optimization, Google listings, […]

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Text Is Dying, But There’s Still Hope for Your Moving Company

Even as little as five years ago, the most influential online voices were writing on blogs and news websites. Now those same voices can be heard on podcasts and seen on YouTube channels, Facebook videos, Netflix series, Instagram stories and a multitude of apps. The bottom line? If your moving company can’t deliver marketing content […]

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New Tax Law Makes “Moving Expenses” Not Deductible

The new GOP Tax Bill eliminates “moving expenses” as a personal deduction for everyone except for members of the military.  Current law permits “employer provided expense reimbursement” to be excluded from income tax as well.  This exclusion now too has been eliminated for all except members of the military. Obviously these are not strong selling […]

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10 Proven Strategies to get sales leads
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