Movers–Prove Your Brand’s Value. Don’t Sell It.


OFFERING TO MATCH A COMPETITOR’S LOW PRICES, REPORTING A HIGH RATING ON TRUSTED WEBSITES, OR MENTIONING A RECENT RANKING BY A THIRD-PARTY SITE: These are all examples of tactics that prospects believe and add proof. This is according to recent studies at Northwestern, Seattle University and elsewhere. They all conclude that while our prospects are savvier than ever, they still are open to certain ad tactics as mentioned above. But, “persuasion by manipulation” as in the past is no longer going to work.

As you create new moving offers and design new Fall campaigns, remember that “authenticity” is what prospects are looking for most of all in a company’s brand and its products. How can you prove the merits of doing business with your moving company, and buying your products and services? How will you engage with your prospect? How will you prove your worth? That’s the bottom line of Zach Schonbrun’s article in The New York Times.

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