More Sales Leads Everyday! Marketers For Movers at the 2019 AMSA Conference

It was great to see everyone at the 2019 AMSA conference! I know we got lots of business cards, and we’re looking forward to growth and bringing lots of new sales leads from SEO and PPC to our moving clients.

And if you weren’t there, check out the images below. You missed great weather, great vendors and another great conference.

SEO for Moving Companies

Those who subscribe to our Marketers For Movers Sales Leads Facts newsletter already know this, but it bears repeating. The big theme for 2019 is the increased importance of digital for all companies, especially movers. Google is where people go first to shop and learn more about moving companies before they hire.

Just check out this article from eMarketer.

And the latest eMarketer research shows that companies in the US will spend 54 cents of every advertising dollar on digital ads this year alone. Movers needing immediate leads should follow what the major advertisers already know. Digital works.

While we still see that leads from your “Get Quote” form have a higher closing rate than Google AdWords, AdWords and the new Google Guaranteed Ads (now available in some cities), are the best choice for getting immediate leads. For turning your website into a source of high quality moving leads, Search Engine Optimization is still the best solution.

Your potential customer is busy, or lazy, or both. They are going to Google to do their research on choosing a moving and storage company. If your website does not already appear on Page One of Google, you will need to buy your way to Page One with a Google “search text” ad.

Sure, this is transactional business, and it can be expensive, but you may not have any choice. If your website is not optimized, it is not producing moving leads on its own. The eMarketer study is further proof: Digital Advertising sells.

When your customer is ready to buy, they search on Google. With about 17 moving company results on Page One, customers typically don’t search any more pages. In fact, our research shows 91% do not search beyond the first page. Do you? Onward and upward in 2019!

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