More Sales Leads for Moving Companies

Here at Marketers for Movers, we spend a lot of time in our blog talking about how movers can get more sales leads. It makes sense, right? You need local moving leads fast, so you want your website, and more importantly the company managing your website, to have that goal in mind first and foremost. That’s how our clients feel, they need lead generation and they need it quickly at a consistent pace. So how do you get moving company sales leads online? Although we cover the topic in other blogs, we thought it would be a good idea to give our readers a basic overview of how to get more sales leads online. Don’t worry, we’ll link to our blogs, so you take a deeper dive into the topic moving sales leads anytime you want.

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Branding – If you want to get moving sales leads through your website, branding is even more important than you probably already believed. We’ve talked about it before in our blog about building trust. It’s vital that people online know who you are and more importantly, why they should choose you. This goes for established local brands too, just because your business has recognizable name in your home city doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get sales leads through your website without some work. Always be thinking about how you can incorporate brand recognition as an additional goal throughout all your marketing efforts.

Website – Your website is, obviously, the key to you generating sales leads online. In our blog about why moving company websites suck, we focused on some of the basic problems that often escape the notice of moving companies but there’s a lot to think about when evaluating your website. There’s a lot more to optimizing a website than just putting the quote form at the top of the page. Make sure your website management agency has at least addressed the following:

  • Does your main navigation facilitate the typical customers buying cycle?
  • Are you putting your phone number at the bottom of the page making it harder for customers who prefer to call?
  • Are ALL your website content pages and page elements optimized for Google (search & maps) as well as other search engines?
  • Are you getting backlinks from high authority websites?
  • Does your homepage have a Google map so that people can easily see how far you are from their home address?
  • Is your brand logo easily visible so that people remember who you are later?

It never hurts to comb through your website whenever you have the time and ask yourself these types of critical questions.

Local Search – This is where a lot of your online brand recognition will come from. Local search includes things like Google My Business pages, Yelp, and anywhere else online that can list your businesses name, phone number, address and a website link, and provide that listing to people searching for movers in the local area. Local search listings are one of the best ways to get moving company sales leads and making sure they all display up to date and accurate information will also help your search results.

Social Media – Social media tends to be an afterthought for those of us who remember a time when Myspace was considered to be a passing fad. We may have been right about Myspace per se but extrapolating that assumption to all social media couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s an established form of media that’s here to stay and you should be using taking advantage of it to get more sales leads. Make sure to post regularly and that those posts are engaging and that they grab users’ attention. Don’t be afraid to come right out and ask readers to comment or share your post on whatever platform you’re using, you’ll get a lot more engagement when you do. If you need help, you can always turn to our social media strategy guide.

Paid Advertising – This can be somewhat of a daunting prospect for smaller moving companies. After all, if you’re going to pay for advertising shouldn’t just pay for the online sales leads directly? To put it simply, no you shouldn’t. When you pay for sales leads online rarely are they thoroughly vetted, and your sales people will spend a lot of time chasing down moving leads that were no good to begin with. Using paid advertising helps you get the word out about your moving company to a lot of people efficiently. All the leads go through your people, so you know they’ll be properly vetted. You may be worried about return on ad spend but any good online marketing company can help you grow your business through paid advertising without breaking the bank.

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Contact Professionals to Help Improve Marketing for Your Moving Company

Getting more sales leads for your moving company is what we’re all here for and we know it’s our job to help facilitate that goal for movers whenever possible. If you’re struggling to get sales leads for your movers, contact a reputable marketing agency for movers such as, or before it’s too late. The summer is almost over, don’t let any more time pass you by.